The Community Justice & Mediation Center (CJAM) has been healing harm caused by conflict and crime since 1995. Our mission is to promote a civil and just community through mediation, education, and restorative justice. We envision a fair community that learns from conflict, prevents harm, and grows in understanding.

We understand that conflict is inevitable and our highly-trained corps of volunteer mediators provide a process for creative problem solving and a safe space for difficult conversations.   In addition, we offer support and referral information for other critical services that might be needed.   Working in partnership with Monroe County Courts and the Probation Department, juvenile and adult offenders are given the chance to undo the harm they have inflicted and we help victims to move forward.  We teach vital conflict resolution skills throughout our community.

Join us! Volunteer or donate now to become a member of our peacekeeping team and empower people to find creative and lasting solutions to their disputes.

CJAM Services: